Perfect gifts for the DEER HUNTER in your life!
Perfect gifts for the DEER HUNTER in your life!
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About Us

Deer on the brain has been around a long time.  Probably since deer and humans first roamed the earth together and folks discovered just how tasty deer meat is.  But what we’re talking about here is not the physical condition of deer on the brain, It’s DEER ON THE BRAiN® the small company, in a small shop, behind a small house down in Texas, where handcrafted gifts and other stuff are made by an Old Boy who likes hunt’n and seeing folks laughing.

Scott Havens, AKA Old Boy, grew up in Louisiana hunting with family and friends, then moved to Texas in 1988 where his kids began going to the hunting camp with him about the time they started to walk.  In addition to a lot of serious hunting and learning, there was a lot of laughing and joking and funny sayings conjured up while at the camp or sitting in the deer stand.   

In 1999, Old Boy decided to make a few handcrafted gifts out of wood for friends and family and the idea of making items that look like a deer stand sort of naturally came to mind.  Friends and family liked the stuff Old Boy made and he liked making it.  And so, DEER ON THE BRAiN® the company was born.  A lot of small companies throughout time have started the same way, so it’s not a unique or original path.  But, the handcrafted items Old Boy makes are uniquely original and always elicit a good smile and/or a hearty laugh when folks see them or receive one as a gift.  We don’t think you will have ever seen before any of the things he makes.  He still makes each item in his small shop, one at a time, no assembly line, and God willing he’ll keep making them as long as he can stand and his two old hands can function.  

But it wasn’t long before a funny thing happened.  Old Boy had started making DEER ON THE BRAiN® shirts and caps to wear, a few apparel items for his kids, as well as some coffee mugs, all on which he brought to life some of the original funny sayings he and his kids had conjured up at the hunt’n camp and in the deer stand.  And again, folks seemed to like these items too.

And just like that, the “other than handcrafted wood items” side of DEER ON THE BRAiN® was born and is mainly what is offered here on the website.  

All of our apparel items are embroidered and screen printed by local business just down the road from the DEER ON THE BRAiN® workshop, and our coffee mugs are also printed in the USA.  When you order any item it is Old Boy who packages and ships the items to you, and when you call us, it’s Old Boy who answers the phone.

That said, since we are a true small business, if you see something you want, please be sure to order as soon as you can so Old Boy can hopefully get it to you by any specific date or event you need it by.

Thank you so much for stopping by DEER ON THE BRAiN®, the place where Deer Think’n Season Never Closes!

Safe and Happy Hunt’n to you!